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You Deserve free steam key
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You Deserve free steam key

Free steam keys

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4 Steam A3VV1-L3YL3-O3VH1 You Deserve
5 Steam L6HN1-X3TW4-H5FP5 You Deserve

Have you ever thought about all the bad stuff you do in real life might come back against you as a revenge?

A group of teenagers from Raiven High School bullied a fellow steadily until one day the victim wasnt able to stand it anymore. The violent situation and the continuous harassment ended up in her decision of taking away her life.

Since then, the students have experienced strange events, some of them leading to their disappearance or even death. In "You Deserve", you will play as Amy Cooper, a bully, who will try to escape from this unknown world she is into alive.
In order to do this, she will have to figure out the reason why she is there among many other things.
Are you be ready to decipher the mystery that You Deserve offers?

In order to enjoy "You Deserves" experience at its best you must read the following steps:

- It is highly important to find the notes and documents throughout the story to understand You Deserves whole background.

- To enjoy the most You Deserve you must play at its best quality, with the lights off headphones or speakers at the maximum level (100%).

-Search, find and use the objects hidden all over the game in order to progress through the story.

-Find your way through complicated paths and holes by crouching, and in order to escape from a terrific situation, we strongly recommend you to run as fast as you can and do never look back.

-Solve short puzzles and outlive challenges which will put your life in risk more than once.

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