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WarpZone vs THE DIMENSION free steam key
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WarpZone vs THE DIMENSION free steam key

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With reverence to the glorious times of the acclaimed beatem up genre, WarpZone vs. THE DIMENSION (WZvsTD) is comprised of a myriad of references to 90s games such as: Battletoads, Streets of Fury, Final Fight, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, TMNT: Turtles in Time, among others. Every punch and every fall refers to a celebration of the past in a revamped look. Grab your gamepad and lets lay some smack down!

The controls are simple and very popular in the genre: attack, jump and special attack. Combine different button sequences for unique moves. Figure out how to do the secret and destructive SUPER ATTACK!

You dont have to face this alone! Ask for the help of a friend in this local co-op game. Enjoy afternoons playing together and be careful not to hit each other and start a vendetta.

No controller? No problem! WZvsTD has full controller support but you can also share the keyboard with a friend, like the good ol days!

Enjoy the variety of gameplay mechanics with the jetski stages amongst 7 stages of pure mayhem.

Relish the classic game sensation with current celshaded graphics.

Help the Warpies save their friends from THE DIMENSION, an alien villain with evil intentions and a more evil plan.

Warpy R. is the ultimate brawler from the 90s fighting games. Aggressive, practical and hot-headed, embraces responsability and aims to solve everything the quickest way possible.

Warpy G. is tired of hunting ducks on videogames. Cool, contemplative and centered, follows his older brother and have his back through every mess he gets himself into.

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