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VOID free steam key
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VOID free steam key

Free steam keys

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No Platform Provider Activation key Game
1 Steam G5RH5-Z1QK2-J1ZS8 VOID
2 Steam E3FT2-W2NU7-U3CK8 VOID
3 Steam C6EQ6-Z6MT7-S5GQ2 VOID
4 Steam R4KS2-J4JG6-J8MM8 VOID
5 Steam J7WR3-V9ID6-N1UE6 VOID

VOID is a casual space simulation game that starts from the beginning of the cosmos.

Player start in a dark, quiet, empty space in the VOID. However, if player interact with void, it will no longer be empty any more. Please make a new things step by step from zero. Whenever player make new thing, its recorded in the mysterious book.(in the bottom menu) You can give name what you found, and check the recipe hints for next step.(Hint: Some rare metarials are only synthesized inside a giant star)

  • Click the empty screen to create +1 & -1. When they contact by gravity, they will disappear. So you have to drag them quickly to avoid annihilation.
  • Combine +1 & +1 to make +2. And repeat this process to create a new material. The newly created materials are recorded in the mysterious book.
  • In the book, you can give your own name to what you found. And you can also check the recipe hints.
  • If youve succeeded in creating a star, try make it bigger as much as possible(The star will twinkle when it reaches the maximum). Some core materials are only synthesized inside huge star.
  • If you are having trouble playing, you can enable tips toggle in the options.
  • This game contains a total of 11 achievements.

This game has no end goal or quest for clear. Please play what you want.

This game has nothing to do with scientific facts, it is based on personal imagination and fun myself.

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