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Touhou: Dreamland of Infinity free steam key
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Touhou: Dreamland of Infinity free steam key

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Doremy Sweet, Master of the Dream World, has invited the girls of Gensokyo to journey into the Dream World. What awaits them is an adventure full of unknown challenges and opportunities.
Touhou Dreamland of Infinity is a semi-realtime tactical strategy game combining rogue-lite and sandbox building elements.
As you go deeper into the dream, enemies become more and more powerful. Collect and match various types of buildings, equipment and talent skills to better face the endless challenges.


Real-time Shooting Combat: Use talent skills and equipment words to customize the style, number, and effect of the projectile.

Dreamland Constructions: Use building cards condensed from scenes all over Gensokyo and freely place them in the dreams grid to provide attributes or enemies for the main character. Related buildings will also link together, creating rich scenery and providing hidden effects.

Rich and Varied Talents: Pick skills to meet the challenges of various enemies.

Dream Spirit Props: The dreamland is full of possibilities, in addition to a large number of random worlds and various kinds of equipment, as long as you keep exploring, your chances of gaining legendary equipment will increase. These items provide additional skills, and greatly enhance the battle experience.

Dreamland Encounters: A variety of random events will be encountered whilst exploring the dreamland. It is up to you to decide whether to be with or against the dreamlands inhabitants.

Dream Hues: Each level of the dreamland has its own hue. Different hues greatly alter the state of battle, which makes avoiding or using these hues wisely are an important part of the game.
Now Start Your Journey to Dreamland!

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