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Swarmed: Nuts & Bolts – Non-VR free steam key
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Swarmed: Nuts & Bolts – Non-VR free steam key

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5 Steam B7KE5-P3GP7-P7LQ6 Swarmed: Nuts & Bolts – Non-VR

In deep space, your robot transport vehicle crash-landed on a barren asteroid. The sentient robots have escaped and are hungry for both revenge and crunchy humans. Your passengers are panicked and running in all directions. You are their only hope. Race across the crash site to save the passengers, while you blast apart the ungrateful robots. Avoid the landmines planted by the nasty droids. Dodge the dreaded auto-tracking laser cannons. Keep your eye out for the flying saucer and its painful destructo-beam. And, oh, sometimes your ray guns dont quite shoot straight. But youll figure it out -- right? And whatever you do, dont forget to have fun. Battle your way through multiple waves of rouge robots to avoid being SWARMED in this retro, heart pounding game.

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