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Star Shelter free steam key
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Star Shelter free steam key

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Star shelter is a space survival game built from the ground up for VR. You are stranded in a mysterious graveyard of abandoned ships, the only way out is to repair a broken spaceship.
You have to scavenge for materials and plants to repair and arm your spaceship.

Keep your oxygen, power, and hunger in the green. Grow plants, build solar panels and other objects to generate what you need.
Climb around the zero gravity but dont rely on your thrusters to much, they are fueled by the same oxygen you breathe.

Scavenge the wreckages of spaceships and be wary of hazards.

current Features:

  • Randomly generated environments and spaceships.

  • Use the crafting to build, arm and improve your Space station.

  • Grow plants in your spaceship to generate oxygen and fruit.

  • Voiced AI to guide you and keep you aware of hazards.

  • Destructible/Repairable base, maintaining your spaceship is as important as eating.

  • Innovative UI, interactive holograms to navigate menus/hack, "AR" labels on objects.

  • Shoot down drones and turrets that stand in your way.

  • Classic survival mechanics - Hunger, oxygen, power, sleep.

Were active on the [https://discord.gg/k5nDYnZ] STAR SHELTER - DISCORD[/url] if you wanna have a chat and tell us if something should be changed, added or improved.

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