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Space Shrooms RollPlay free steam key
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Space Shrooms RollPlay free steam key

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4 Steam S7FE5-F9FU5-S3TA6 Space Shrooms RollPlay
5 Steam Q3BV8-Y5QE3-W2VJ1 Space Shrooms RollPlay

Space Shrooms Roll Play has a few dice games including Yatzee, Truth or Dare, Custom and a RPG dice game. It also has an anime style cartoon story dice book game about "Shrooms from Space coming to save the world, that I made with my friends for a bit of banter during lockdown. You can choose which direction to take the story in, it has multiple options and different characters to meet along the way. With dice rolls to spawn more shrooms and decide your luck. Yatzee can be played single player, PVP, local or LAN party. Players can earn in game cash for winning matches. You can type any input into the Custom dice to create your own game eg, hug dice, drinking dice, magic 8 ball dice. The RPG dice game includes dice from D4 - D20 and a character sheet for players to save their progress. Theres also a music player that can be accessed from all the dice game levels which has songs from talented artists Gefahrgeist,JoshyDandMolodio. So you can listen to their tunes while chilling playing dice games. Mature Content and themes mentions to drugs and sex and mental health.

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