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Space Cheetah Hyper Runner free steam key
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Space Cheetah Hyper Runner free steam key

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Welcome to the Hyper Games! Plug into your space cheetah to:

- Surf falling solar panels, ride passing satellites, play low G space soccer, and gain enough speed to ramp across entire levels. All in glorious 3D through a first-person POV.

- Follow the route markers, or blaze your own trail! All the levels are sandboxes, youre never forced to follow a set route. So many shortcuts to discover, its a speed runners dream!

- Race against the clock to get YOUR callsign on the level leaderboard!

- Groove to an incredible soundtrack, including an uptempo racing mix and a downtempo Chill Cheetah mix.

- Oh? Not feeling the need for speed!? No worries! Story Mode lets you casually explore each level, hunting for Ghost Node anomalies. Each one unlocks a memory (or is it a precognition?) about the Travelers mysterious journey through the solar system.


Race through speed parks dotted across the solar system:

- Earth: Scale the AI submind pyramids floating above the cherry blossom haze of Neo Tokyo. Tear through the swiss-cheese glacial melt near the AL1 North Pole megastructure. Tackle the infamous Launchtube circuit suspended in Earths upper atmosphere.

- Mars: Show off your skills in the Mars Experimental Zone, in an abandoned gravworks facility, and at the peak of Olympus Mons.

- Space: Beat the SpaceY CEOs best time in an infamous speedway built from space junk, careen down the solar panel circuit in far Jupiter orbit, or go satellite hopping from a mined out asteroid.

- Cyberspace: Levels only an AI could dream up…anti-grav donuts, repurposed spare parts, mini-planetoid spheres, and everyones favorite Joburg AI Supercity Circuit!

The levels never box you in - youre free to ignore the route markers and take as many shortcuts as you like. Anything goes in the quest to shave valuable seconds off your run time!


Choose from 4 unique game modes:

- Classic Solo (the official Hyper Games standard!): Reach your points target, then sprint to the finish line.

- Race to 100: Get 100 points however you want as fast as possible within the time limit.

- Time Trial: Race to the finish line as fast as you can! Can you beat the SpaceY CEOs best time? Good luck!

- Story Mode: Find your personal zen with the Chill Cheetah playlist while freely searching for hidden Ghost Nodes. Learn about humanitys progress in these cyberbrain downloads: the first global AI system, teleporter colonies on Mars, and the hard problem of eternal life.

Enough said! Plug into your space cheetah right away :)

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