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Skate Rift free steam key
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Skate Rift free steam key

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4 Steam S2AN5-O8HT9-Q7RA2 Skate Rift
5 Steam P7SJ7-J2HC5-V7YF5 Skate Rift

Skate Rift is a minimal first person skateboarding game set on a remote island overtaken by skaters. Theres plenty of room to cruise around, explore the various courses and ramps, and set time/score records once youve mastered the area. The Island is connected by many Rifts, which make for unconventional courses. You never really need to stop playing a course; you can just turn right or left into another one when you feel like it, and it will take you to a different part of the island.

Skate Rift is designed to be a laid back immersive experience, which is why it is in first person and there is no major HUD; your scores and records will show up in analog form in various places, and if youre good enough, other peoples games too. Competing isnt for everyone though, so you are also free to just roam around explore where you want to.

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