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Sanae Toumaden X2 free steam key
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Sanae Toumaden X2 free steam key

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1 Steam A1MD2-Q1XK2-C9SZ1 Sanae Toumaden X2
2 Steam E6WP4-B7MI6-U3EH5 Sanae Toumaden X2
3 Steam Z9KS5-Z4MQ8-W7MO8 Sanae Toumaden X2
4 Steam V9DY9-I2CY4-A4FZ2 Sanae Toumaden X2
5 Steam J6XS1-I3RF4-G7BJ3 Sanae Toumaden X2

☆This is Touhou project fan game.

Sanae! The Super Gensokyo Miko!

A Mega X Touhou Fangame With No X again.
A moon rocket flew from the Scarlet Devil Mansion
At a speed of 90,000 km/s.
Two people got off at Hakugyokurou.
There was hardly time for half-humans to ride.
That Yakumo lot are so competitive—
They fired off an interceptor missile!
  • Jump and Slash Platform Action Game.
  • Beat all Bosses and Get New Ability.
  • Enemies are weak to one Ability.
  • After the Cannon shooted, then you get few more stage.
  • All stage is Rogue-unlike stage. Stage design by human.
  • Rogue-unlike upgrade system. Anything you get in stage will not lost.
  • Soul-unlike attack system. It dont have stamina limit. You can attack unlimited times if you like.

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