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Rubble free steam key
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Rubble free steam key

Free steam keys

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1 Steam Z3OP6-W2GF5-K2NR1 Rubble
2 Steam G7TR1-N9JO1-W3QH3 Rubble
3 Steam A2FF8-C2WK7-D7DW7 Rubble
4 Steam D5EK6-I7SB3-Y4JJ8 Rubble
5 Steam N5BJ9-K2LB2-J1PM7 Rubble

Break It Till You Make It! - Destruction "Puzzle" Platformer

Rubble is a destruction-focused physics platformer where you will run and jump through gravity zones, break down or tunnel through destructibles, slide over ice, fling yourself with catapults, carry things by hand or conveyor, and use rebuilding shots to respawn destructible terrain!

( Note: This is an indie game created by a solo dev over several years. "I am very small. And have no money. So you can imagine the kind of stress that I am under." )

MXC meets Portal
Rubble is set in a silly dystopian future game show (think MXC / Takeshis Castle, etc.) where contestants are pitted against dangerous obstacle courses in a simulated physics environment. To survive, they must use the power of friendship (or respawning) and this gun they found. With each spectacular death, the announcer will read a one-line intro for the next expendable contestant to give it a try!
Speedrun / Replayability Encouraged!
Every level tracks your time (but NEVER compared it on a leaderboard, you can post it on Reddit if youre into that)! The main menu keeps a tally of ALL your best times for every level! If you make a mistake, use the quick restart hotkeys and be back in in seconds!
Player-determined Difficulty with Assist Mode and Level Skipping
Frustration sucks, so Rubble offers the ability to tweak the gravity, speed, air control, and number of air-jumps you get to make things more approachable (or skip a section entirely!) And if you really get stuck, after 5 minutes you can skip any level and move on to the next (you can come back later in the level select if you want!)
  • 50 levels with new mechanics every few levels!
  • Did you know dogs only have 1/6th as many taste buds as humans?
  • Assist mode settings like slowing time, lowering gravity, and adding additional jumps!
  • Cool animal facts on the loading screens!
  • Speedrun Friendly and replayable with best times saved in the menus!
  • ...Destructible environments!
  • Narwhal Horns are essentially, inside-out teeth (soft and sensitive on the outside, hard on the inside), with over 10 million nerve endings!
  • ...And much more!

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