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Programmer Dungeon Knightress free steam key
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Programmer Dungeon Knightress free steam key

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Halt, adventure lovers,
With limited movement comes great responsibilities!
Is thou the smart one that shall breaketh these puzzles? Then be aware of the obstacles waiting ahead, with just a few movements at ones disposal.

In a tactical game of programming with puzzles, get down through Uzukvahs dungeon in search of challenges up to your skills. With limited space and movements, utilize your tactics and battle against foes each level you go down in this dangerous catacomb looking for fragments of the mystic dagger of Athalá.

We will have constant updates with new levels and some new adjustment

How To Play!
The player get control of the mercenary Kass, using a language of visual programming to emit a series of commands and movements. Can you beat all the challenges?

Drag and drop or click in your skills to build a sequence of movements
Hit play to execute the commands!
If you dont kill every enemy, get back and scratch a new sequence to defeat all of your foes.
Program your skills to solve unique levels in an accessible and fun way.
Solve them the way you want, or challenge yourself optimizing all levels to get every golden shard of the mystic dagger of Athalá!

What to expect?

  • About 6 hours of amazing gameplay.
  • A lot of awesome handmade levels.
  • Beginners friendly, but with difficult challenges for experienced players.
  • Play with several programming concepts
  • Automate your skills to handle enemies.

See you in the next adventure,
Dragon Lord Studio.

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