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Plan B – Goddess’s cards free steam key
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Plan B – Goddess’s cards free steam key

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I, as an interstellar police officer in the Alpha system, have encountered the most complex problem of my life. The invasion of the high-dimensional world would actually happen here. To be noticed by a character of that level can only be said that I underestimate the power of my galaxy. Holding a game-playing attitude to decide our life and death, calling himself a "god" aloofly, who knows what the status of that person is in the high-dimensional world? ...... I activated the power of the army under my name and directed them to capture 10 suspicious female characters. Interrogate one person per hour, in order to save this galaxy, lets go! ...... This is a card + memory + CG casual game. Players can fight with the level boss through the memory of the cards. Each level will randomly issue 8 small cards to you, please remember the contents of the cards, the cards will be flipped to the back after a few seconds. At the same time, the boss will also issue a small card. Please turn out a card with the same content as the small card issued by the boss among the 8 small cards. If the cards are the same, the player will attack the boss once, and the card If it is different, the player is attacked by the boss, the player defeats the boss to pass the level, and can unlock the CG of the boss, otherwise the level will fail.

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