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Persephone free steam key
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Persephone free steam key

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2 Steam M5TR8-Y7HD8-Y8PJ5 Persephone
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4 Steam W4US8-I8NU6-J5ZG1 Persephone
5 Steam K3LI1-G5ZX2-L8AB9 Persephone

Persephone is a turn based 2D isometric puzzle game that explores the next possibility :

  • What if death in video games is not the end, but the key to solve the levels?
  • Where, how and when will you choose to die in order to progress?

You will incarnate Persephone, a young woman who tries to reach the bottom of hell to meet his beloved Hades. But she will never suspect her mother Demeter to try to stop the lovers to stay together any longer.

  • Death is not a game over, but a tool to progress
  • The game is made without any texts, letting the player learn the rules by playing.
  • Even if death is the center of the game, the visuals are made colorful and beautiful to give a nice contrast.
  • The game is enriched by excellent musics done by a academical classic composer.

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