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ParaLily free steam key

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Help Lily survive the paranormal and rescue a friend, on her strange journey through a series of parallel universes, in this special blend of precision and puzzle platforming. Avoid horrifying enemies, collect magical glyphs, and discover the connection between Lily and the parallel universes.

ParaLily is one little girls adventure to retrieve her dear stuffed dinosaur Patches, who in the middle of the night sprung to life and took off through a mysterious door. This strange journey will take Lily through a set of dangerous and terrifying parallel universes, as she attempts to retrieve her little stuffed runaway. Lily can shift between the parallel universes at will; which will help her avoid danger, and solve puzzles while traversing the paranormal universes.

This first chapter sets the tone for the journey ahead.
Solve each puzzle. Find Patches!

Game Features
  • Familiar platforming and side-scrolling action.
  • Hand-drawn environments, characters, and animations.
  • Innovative parallel universe shifting mechanics.
  • Collectibles, puzzles, and hidden pathways.
  • Creative multi-layered level designs.
Parallel Universes
Each universe has is its own space with unique themes, enemies, and attributes. A single level cannot be traversed by only interacting with one universe, so the relative spatial relationship of each universe is critical to gameplay. When Lily changes universes her momentum carries with her, allowing her to continue a jump from one universe to the next. This combination of parallaxing parallel universes, and momentum; creates a special blend of precision and puzzle platforming, that makes ParaLily both challenging and thoughtful.

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