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New Hire free steam key
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New Hire free steam key

Free steam keys

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3 Steam S9ON1-Q4PN9-Y4NT3 New Hire
4 Steam X1LE4-W6PP1-U9OA5 New Hire
5 Steam S2AX7-I6VR2-Y6TS6 New Hire

The warehouse you work at is haunted, but youve got bills to pay and a job to do.

Its your first day at a new job.

Youre hopeful, but things quickly turn sour when you realize that everyone else has apparently quit. Its just you and your supervisor. The longer you work, the more strange things begin to happen around you and you start to wonder if taking this job was a good idea.

The bizarre quickly turns to the creepy and you cant shake the sensation that you arent actually alone in the warehouse with your supervisor.

None of it matters, though. Youve got bills to pay and youre going to get your work done.

New Hire will blend simulation and tense horror as you try to finish your overnight shift in a factory. Terrors lurk in the darkness and you have to keep your wits about you as you pack and deliver packages to get that sweet, sweet paycheck. Staying on the path laid out before you and doing your job will keep the dangers to a minimum, while exploring the warehouse will help you figure out exactly what happened to your co-workers, but draws unwanted attention to yourself.

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