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MindHunt free steam key

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You can play as one of three teams: Agents, Android or Mindhunted.

As an agent, your mission will be to:

  • detect all mindhunted and shut them down permanently. Be ware, if you shut down uninfected android, you will be shut down too!

As an android, your mission will be to:
  • conceal mindhunted androids that are... among us. But just like agent, you wont know who is mindhunted and who is not!

As a mindhunted, your mission will be to:
  • complete all tasks spread across the map within the time limit and obviously, not get caught doing so by agents!

If mindhunted completed all tasks within the time limit, theyve won alongside with androids. Otherwise, if agents caught all mindhunted or time reached its limit, theyve won.

There are various elements that can help mindhunted blend with the environment, such as eletrical boxes that can be malfunctioned, causing huge smoke explosion, or calling other androids to pretend to be a Mindhunted at a certain places and more!

In a distant future, where androids are a necessary part of humanity a "virus" called MindHunt starts to spread. Any android infected will become sentient on top of the fact, that they are already smarter than humans. Infected androids, called Mindhunted, are now trying to spread the "virus" among other androids, in order to create a new form of life, trying to be officialy distinguished as sentient entities with their own rights.

New androids called agents are being developed with specific design that allows them to shut down other androids. Their mission is to find all infected androids, and shut them down. Because its impossible to distinguish uninfected android from mindhunted one, agents are designed in a particular way that helps them monitor other androids around them in order to find out disturbances in their behavior.

Sentient androids now fear death, thus theyre trying their best to conceal the fact, that they are infected with MindHunt. In order for them to survive, they need to mimic their default android behavior, especially when theyre in the public.

Main protagonist of the story, mindhunted android called Serana is suffering from great distress after becoming sentient. All public places are now being roamed with agents and if she wants to survive, she needs to improve her skills, so that she could blend with other androids without being caught.
Serana decided to built her own virtual reality software, in which agents and androids behavior is being simulated in a varied environment. Thanks to this software she is able to possess one of the androids inside the simulation with the goal of surviving for as long as possible without being detected by agents. Serana now spends all of her time inside this simulation, because she refuses to leave her hideout until being confident in her skills.

This simulation software is the place, where you, player, is going to be competing with other players.

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