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Little Horror Raiser free steam key
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Little Horror Raiser free steam key

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1 Steam X1DB8-T3ZA6-B7QC2 Little Horror Raiser
2 Steam Z3LU7-I2BC7-Y3NR1 Little Horror Raiser
3 Steam J8PB9-I9EW7-O9ED4 Little Horror Raiser
4 Steam G7LB8-V6VK6-E9GP2 Little Horror Raiser
5 Steam A7GH1-Z6NA8-U9HU6 Little Horror Raiser

You find a mysterious egg in a haunted forest, turns out its a horror of an unfathomable nature! Raise it to become good or evil, smart or strong, its your little horror so raise it as you please.

Choose between a cosmic horror, a zombie, a demonic entity or a ghost.

Have your horror go to school, work at a haunted house for money or send them to gain evilness at the abandoned ruins to raise its stats.

As you raise your horror youll run into different events, like investigating a crashed alien space ship or interacting with a talking, complicated panda.

Gain trinkets that will do harm or good such as a magical plant you can water for a secret area on the map or a chaotic hamster that demands to be pet each week lest it destroy the world.

Discover all the different endings, over 20 to discover!

  • Choose between 4 different horrors to raise.
  • Name your horror and watch as it grows over time, its appearance will change depending on its morality.
  • Different stats to manage include morality, happiness, energy, intelligence, power and money.
  • Navigate the map to send your horror to school, the gym and more. Different things might also appear on the map over time.
  • Decide how to handle different events that might pop up that will help or hinder you.
  • Each little horror has 5 different endings, a total of 20 plus some secret endings to discover.
  • Gain different trinkets that do a host of different things.

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