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Karaski: What Goes Up… free steam key
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Karaski: What Goes Up… free steam key

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Developer Note:
Hi! This game is definitely a bit dated and rough around the edges. It was inspired by our love for Deus Ex, Bloodlines, and other similar games of that age. Some of the jank definitely shows! That being said, we think its still an interesting mystery full of complex characters, a unique Slavic-Steampunk-esque setting, and some good bits of freeform exploration. We hope you can look past the flaws and enjoy whats under the hood :)

Karaski: What Goes Up... is an "immersive sim lite" game where you freely explore the whole airship, talk to all passangers, and find new tools to get around or unlock new paths. Sneak around the lower decks without getting spotted, break into passenger cabins, bribe the staff with stolen alcohol, and gather the clues to unravel the mystery!

Who is the saboteur? Who can be saved?

Each suspect has a secret and unique personality you can uncover in a nonlinear manner via dialogue, stealth, breaking into their rooms, or getting them drunk! Customize your playstyle with a number of tools but dont get spotted snooping - others will call you out on it and start suspecting you as well. Who knows, maybe it really was you all along? At times the game will let you dictate the narrative.

  • Free form exploration in a stylized world
  • Complex Characters, each with their own motives an personal struggles
  • A dynamic story that may sometimes put you in the role of narrator
  • Various Tools to customize and fit your playstile

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