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Kamifuda free steam key
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Kamifuda free steam key

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2 Steam H6QT4-T4FS3-Q7LA5 Kamifuda
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5 Steam I9XZ5-E1JM8-O9ZZ3 Kamifuda

And it lives in you…
Granted a stay of execution, you have been consigned to the strange institution of Gloamrot University: a school for the eldritch arts. New to the world of Pact-sworn—individuals who have been touched by an eldritch entity from the realm beyond—you have been given only a single semester to pass the Trials at Gloamrot and prove that you can control the evil within.

Take the role of Tarot as you explore an enigmatic campus hidden in a dimension of eternal gloam. Master the eldritch arts via the ancient ritual of Kamifuda: a dueling system whereby Pact-sworn channel echoes of long dead powers dormant within arcane cards. And uncover a conspiracy, which threatens you and every other soul at Gloamrot, before it is too late.

Face against a cast of powerful opponents, each with their own personality and play style.

Master the nine schools of eldritch magic. Collect over 100 unique cards and discover the countless synergies between them.

Explore the university, unveiling dozens of secrets and encounters. Experience a world of dark fantasy inspired by Lovecraftian lore.

The choices you make will impact both you and those around you. Investigate the strange and perilous happenings on campus to unlock multiple endings.

Hang out with an eclectic cast of characters. The bonds you make will help you overcome trials and heal the trauma that has bound you all to the eldritch powers.

  • 100+ unique cards to collect
  • 25+ challenging duels
  • 25+ story-driven encounters
  • 4 character bonds to progress
  • choice-filled story
  • multiple endings
  • and more...

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