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Ice star Chapter 2 free steam key
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Ice star Chapter 2 free steam key

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Hello! This is the second chapter of the Ice Star Story, all began then the peaceful and far mining colony was attacked by the raiders, cruel and greedy people, they did all they want, murder and thievery, and even they enslaved many people to work for them on their factories. This time your mission is to try and end all the terror, and save your people from the hands of bandits, even they got payed to secure the secret laboratory only, and do no harm to anyone, but they did not listen and do what they want, that is why our hero, the captain, have to prepare to the battle and use any resources he can get, to win this battle! As in the first chapter, here too, our hero can find and use many different items and weapons to use, collect any information to move on, and free his team, but raiders learn from the first battle and will try and stop you, they change their tactics, and put more man on guarding their base. The futures in the game are the Score that you get by defeating your enemy, and it will make others to change their opinion about you, some new weapons and open world that reacts to players movements, you can try and play as stealthy as you can to attract as less as possible attention to you, or go Rambo and do your thing! Controls are: (you can save and load the game as in the first chapter of this game) W,A,S,D to move , Shift to sprint, Space to jump, E to use or take items, F for flashlight, Mouse to rotate the view or shoot, even that in this Chapter is the day light, still in some places flashlight can be useful :) Thanks

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