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Hexcross free steam key
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Hexcross free steam key

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Hexcross is easy to learn and very addictive.

It is a puzzle game where you use logic to fill out solar panels on a hexagonal grid. Complete the puzzle perfectly and you get a piece of the games lore. Complete all levels to uncover the mystery behind your task.

What then?
After you complete the story you can challenge yourself by playing on randomly generated customizable levels.
Or you can try and see how fast you can beat the main levels without making a single mistake.
Or maybe you want to balance the amount of mistakes and your speed to achieve the highest score you can. Its all your choice!
If you like any of these puzzles, youll probably also like Hexcross
Picross, Nonograms, Pictopix, Hanjie, Pic-a-Pix, Paint by Numbers and Griddlers.
Why did I make this game?

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