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HellCrunch free steam key
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HellCrunch free steam key

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1 Steam V5FW7-D1HH6-R6IX4 HellCrunch
2 Steam N1ZI3-L4XE4-H4IV6 HellCrunch
3 Steam P1MZ5-D9IM9-I5HU7 HellCrunch
4 Steam D2OV2-W1AX6-U2JE3 HellCrunch
5 Steam P3ED8-O8TK5-E6YP2 HellCrunch


HellCrunch is a First Person Shooter with a focus on run and gun gameplay inspired by 1990s classics. Battle against demonic hordes as you fight your way through a series of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror environments, while racing to uncover the mystery behind their mysterious leader!

HellCrunch has been designed with a emphasis on fast-paced, brutal and challenging gameplay that rewards constant movement, accurate aim and a quick trigger finger. The levels have been designed with a focus on open environments and evocative atmospheres with each world being distinct from any of the others. Weapons range from your trusty axe and shotgun to the devastating MegaGun which emits streams of high explosive projectiles and sends your enemies flying across the map!


A mysterious enemy is poisoning the minds of humanity by entering peoples minds and corrupting their dreams. As the only person who has been able resist his influence and fight back against these nightmares it is left to you to thwart his evil ambitions. To defeat him, you will need to journey through various dream worlds as you do battle with hordes of enemies ranging from zombies and wizards to futuristic SWAT teams backed up by tanks and aerial drones.

• Single player campaign full of fast paced 1990s style run and gun gameplay
• Varied environments for you to explore ranging from Sci-Fi and Fantasy to Horror
• 5 Worlds, 8 Weapons, 15 Enemy Types, plus a variety of Power-Ups
• Original soundtrack included in mp3 format
• Bonus Big-Head Mode level
• The most threadbare of plots to tie it all together


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