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Ghost Puncher free steam key
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Ghost Puncher free steam key

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5 Steam C3EY6-O9AS2-K7OT3 Ghost Puncher

This is a beatem up with influences from Guardian Heroes and Little Fighters 2. In its gameplay, there will be lanes to divide the fight and sequential attacks to use the characters powers.

In Story Mode, youll control Daiko, a boy who discovers a totally different world and ends up getting into trouble with supernatural beings and not-so-friendly people.

What youll find in the full version:

  • Story Mode divided into chapters, in addition to other modes such as Soccer, Survival and minigames.
  • Map with events and sidequests, in addition to the main quests and minigames for Story Mode, for training and improving the characters skills.
  • Over 40 playable characters in the full version (each enemy in Story Mode will be unlockable to play in other modes).
  • More than 10 fight scenarios with unique elements such as natural traps, pedestrians who flee or enter the fight, etc.
  • Characters animated frame by frame, created and designed for a fun and unique style of animation.
  • Musical compositions exclusive for the game, including heavy metal and electronic music.
  • Character transformations and fusions, included in the story and unlockable also in Story Mode.


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