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Feathered Run: Worlds free steam key
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Feathered Run: Worlds free steam key

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Feathered Run: Worlds
This is a 4-button platformer runner for accuracy, made in 2D graphics. Embark on an exciting escape across any part of the world, for example, to Antarctica, the desert or the jungle! Playing as one of the seemingly helpless penguins. To jump over the abyss, you will need to press one of the four keys in time, to the beat of the music.
For more interest, various costumes for penguins are implemented in the game: from a penguin who for some reason put a saucepan on his head to an intellectual with a monocle. In addition to costumes for penguins, you can choose various animations for overcoming obstacles, such as jumping or sliding on your belly!
Every time a new world is procedurally generated in the game, which will prolong the pleasant impressions of the game.

Help your penguin to jump over all the obstacles, because you have only one attempt. Have a good walk around different parts of the world! And also there is an opportunity to play with a friend!

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