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Divinus Vanitas free steam key
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Divinus Vanitas free steam key

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The gods have chosen you as one of their champions to serve the humanity while they fix the fractured world. Join up with your friends or fight alone against the monsters that have invaded the remains of reality. Find and collect new equipment and spells to aid in your journey. Level up your character and get strong enough to defeat the dragon guarding the floating island.

Your Character
Customize your characters look to differentiate from other players. Level up and specialize in different attributes to increase survivability and potency of your spells. Choose what spells you want to use and find what combinations work best for you or your party. Find the best equipment for your playstyle.
Fractured World
Explore the floating island that has merged from the fractured worlds. Find spells and equipment left behind in the wake of the doom. Roam freely around the island to find more about why the different realities have collided. The island consists of 4 different zones for you to explore.
The game has over 15 different spells for you to use against the monsters. But beware! All the spells also work against your friends! Coordinate your attack well or you might freeze your friend to a certain death. Heal and buff yourself and others. Shield your friends against the fiery breath of the mighty dragon.
Creation of the game
The game was created as a part of game development studies in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. If you want more information about the creators of this game, feel free to reach out.

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