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Death Taxi 3000 free steam key
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Death Taxi 3000 free steam key

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In DEATH TAXI 3000 you must master the drift through the corners of a procedurally generated city to deliver passengers from point A to point B, all while avoiding traffic and learning shortcuts to save time.

This new retro arcade racer is inspired by classics from the 1990s and the whole Synthwave aesthetic.

Death Taxi 3000 uses a custom raycaster graphics engine, a technology seldom used by racing games of the past, and at its core is completely compatible with vintage MS-DOS hardware.

This Steam release includes many enhancements for modern 64-bit computers with hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, while remaining as faithful and accurate as possible to its oldschool specifications. You can choose between running the emulated DOS version and the native ports, with modern or classic 256-color graphics options.

Arcade Mode
Play against the clock picking up as many passengers as you can. Challenge your high scores and the global leaderboard!
Career Mode
Earn money doing fares to repair and upgrade your cab in the garage. Choose between fast-paced racing action or a chill driving experience, exploring the procedurally generated city streets. Complete the in-game objectives for a 100% run!

You get with this Steam release:

  • 64-bit Windows and Linux versions, in both oldschool Software Renderer and 3D-accelerated OpenGL options.
  • Full MS-DOS CD-ROM version, including unlocked Career Mode, emulated through a preconfigured DOSBox.
  • Soundtrack in Redbook audio format of era-appropriate synth tunes, featuring two tracks by musician Noelle "Speedy" Aman!
  • Realtime FM-synthesized sound effects, via Adlib emulation or its custom sound engine.
  • Unified graphical launcher to choose your favorite flavor of retro. Includes options for different video resolutions, pixel scaling and scanline effects.

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