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Darkevo free steam key
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Darkevo free steam key

Free steam keys

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1 Steam S7HH7-K3BI5-C1DZ5 Darkevo
2 Steam R6KN4-F9NP7-B5DJ1 Darkevo
3 Steam V9WN7-A1OD8-A7EL6 Darkevo
4 Steam Z7RI2-S5UN1-Y6IP1 Darkevo
5 Steam O1EY9-J4VW1-J3OM7 Darkevo

Darkevo is a game about exploration, combat, and management. Explore an open world finding new monsters to fight, aliens to befriend, and areas to conquer all on a new planet.

Train different skills to perfect your character. Train attack to deal more damage, strength to farm more resources, magic to unlock more teleports, or even crafting to upgrade your gear.
Hunt, farm, and cook in order to keep from starving or make money in order to purchase food. Struggle to find clean water all while making sure you have enough oxygen to get back home.
Do missions for your corporation in order to make them happy and gain favor. You must balance between doing what they want and what you need. However get on their bad side, they may revoke your charter and will send soldiers to stop you.
Adapt to in-game situations in order to find lower prices or sell when they are higher. Trade with your corporation or with others in order to make money, or spend money. Be careful not to over saturate the market, however, or risk driving prices down.

Be sure to join our discord to come game, see Darkevo leaks, and more. https://discord.gg/fGsCAkZ

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