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Cluster Fly free steam key
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Cluster Fly free steam key

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1 Steam W5CB9-W4KP4-X2LE4 Cluster Fly
2 Steam U1HP3-O2DK2-Y3AN2 Cluster Fly
3 Steam E8KS3-S9VF2-V9KX1 Cluster Fly
4 Steam Z4WN2-P2AZ5-A1WH4 Cluster Fly
5 Steam F8KQ1-F6RV7-Q5YK7 Cluster Fly

You control "The Fly", a spaceship that collects radioactive cargo in a grid-based area.
Each cargo grants 10 base-points.
Collecting multiple cargo in a row will increase the multiplier and make each consecutive cargo more valuable. Every time the multiplier reaches a multitude of 10, the bar in the bottom-right corner gains a charge. When its full, the remaining cargo will be automatically collected taking the multiplier into account.

Enemies interfere by shooting fireballs and lasers.


Several options are available that change the gameplay.

With the double/triple cargo setting, the cargo must be collected twice/thrice until it is completely collected, granting points each time.
However, the multiplier needed to charge the bar increases to a multitude of 20/30.

Additionally lasers will appear at the sides.

Neither the player nor enemy fire can pass through asteroids.

Bombs explode after a short duration when touched and destroy everything in a 2-tile radius.
Chain reactions are possible.


  • Infinite number of procedurally generated levels
  • Difficulty increases infinitely - your skill determines how far you can get
  • Online Leaderboard
  • 50 minutes electronic music

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