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Broilers free steam key

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Broilers is a turn-based game that resembles chess and similar board games, but only externally. The basis of almost all of the mechanics in Broilers, is selection (breeding). Learn how to breed new species and their characteristics in order to win the online challenge.

Win with your mind

Bropedia will help you understand all aspects of the game. At first it may be difficult to get used to all the intricate mechanics and understand how to apply them or why they are needed in the fight against your opponent, but through practice and training, as well as sufficient theoretical background, you can become a master of hens.

The foundation of the game

Broilers, in a way, could be called Tower-Defense, except that in addition to defense, both players are also responsible for attacking and advancing toward the opponents base. Of course, following this characteristic, many games could be called Tower-Defence, but usually in such games the elements of attacking the enemy, and in the case of Broilers they are pawns, are completely under the control of the player, or under control for the most part. In Broilers, however, players cannot directly control the pawns-the players cannot tell the pawns where to go or what to do. You can say that in this game, you are under the control of creeps (units not controlled by the player), which is already very similar to the Tower-Defence genre, as well as there are almost literal TD elements, such as eggs, which can be placed on the field, which, although not shooting at the enemy, but can become an obstacle to him.

May the strongest win

It is important to understand that in Broilers, victory is primarily achieved by the ability to skillfully prioritize the characteristics of species, the assignment of cards to pawns, and the timely creation of species and assigning them a program for action.

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