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Angry Angus free steam key
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Angry Angus free steam key

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1 Steam X8DG4-A6RX2-A6UI1 Angry Angus
2 Steam Q2GF5-Y4HP6-O6GB2 Angry Angus
3 Steam A8FV4-X8GQ7-W2ID9 Angry Angus
4 Steam Q8IQ1-S7TE5-U7EV7 Angry Angus
5 Steam I7TO8-N5UN8-D1TB7 Angry Angus

Angry Angus is a reverse bullet hell game (Also known as Bullet Heaven) where the main focus is on driving.

Up to 7 different weapons that all have their own unique roles and functions in game play. For example:
  • Constantly-firing machine guns on the front of the car, always pointed in the way they are aiming.
  • A Rocket Launcher that fires explosive payloads in random directions.
  • A spinning scythe that shreds nearby enemies.
Unique upgrades for all of those weapons.

Over 10 modifiers to Customize the experience. For example:
  • Monster Truck mode: Double the size of your car
  • Scrap Drops mode: Some people enjoy having to collect experience from defeated enemies, while others hate it. I have enabled both options for players here.
  • Auto-upgrader. Let the Game decide what upgrades to pick for you!
  • Perfectionist, for the truly daring. Start with 1 max HP, and HP upgrades only improve it by 1.

Do your best to beat the final boss and win with the most scrap possible.

The game may receive updates in future, such as adding more weapons, modifiers, perhaps even customization in appearance.

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